JHS 194 



Gear Order Form 

Print out and place order into envelope with name and class on it. 

Each Grade has a Color! 

6th Grade -  Green

7th Grade - Red

8th Grade - Blue

Fun Fact: 

Having a dress code helps the staff of our school identify our kids easier and faster.

Dress Code Policy 2020-21




JHS 194 - William H. Carr 

Executive Board of the PTA 

President - Christine Nhieu 

Secretary - Kristina Stahl

Co-Treasurers - Maureen Talbot - Hechonova & Susan Ng 

Good Will Ambassador - Melissa Conzatti

School Staff 

Principal - Jennifer Miller 

Parent Coordinator - Ann Lippert 

6th Grade AP - Jennifer Miller 

7th Grade AP - Stephanie Kohnken 

8th Grade AP - Sharlene Bryan 

6th Grade Dean-  Elizabeth Yarmy 

7th Grade Dean  -Donna Groeneveld

8th Grade Dean - Dimitrious Andreou

154-60 17th Avenue, Whitestone, NY 11357

Main Number:  (718) 746-0818